The Demand of Background Screening

by Crederity Team on July 19, 2012

Are you the person who you really claim to be? This seems to be the growing concern of many employers or rather the recruiters in organizations. Ineffective selection and business requirements are forcing companies to put restored focus on their Employment Screening systems. Many companies recently cautioned that “the need for effective worker testing is at an all time high” and indicated recognition management as a “key enabler” to react to the resource risk. In the same way, a recent company study found most companies lack the necessary verification modalities to prevent unwanted applicants to companies.
The demand for improved Personal identification on internet too is increasing by the day. Reliability on the Personal identification on Internet is vital to increasing business functions and the shipping of services to elements.

Background Verification

The way the Employment Screening Services is prepared, implemented, handled, and used is changing fast. For today’s large companies, from identifying the right professional to employing him/her within a specific time frame is critical to success of the project and is a great challenge and this is where the back ground screening company’s role is of essence.
Back ground checks on Criminal and Education records are still not centralized in India and cannot be accomplished within specified time lines specifically because you need to deal with Govt. bodies. For these types of checks companies have to largely depend on Third Parties or the so called vendors and it comes with many grey areas. It will be worthwhile to look at options of all Back ground screening companies coming together to address this issue and stream line this process as it is proving to be a major challenge to get these verifications done.

A high level fast Verification process allows organizations to handle the recruiting more efficiently in a controlled way. Like most of the other industry, the Verification industry too is driven by Technology, Process and People. Back Ground Check (BGC) organizations need to create a unique and innovative verifying system to successfully apply them. Employee Verification business in India is still a fragmented Industry however is evolving at a great pace and has tremendous growth potential.

Sridhar Viswam, Associate Vice President – Operations at Crederity Info Services Pvt Ltd an emerging Back Ground Verification and Risk Mitigation firm.

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Internet plays a significant role in changing the way human relations are structured. Each day, millions of users log in to, eHarmony, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and Myspace. The numbers of users who find their dear ones online have increased 29% compared to 2009. It is identified by Facebook that 20-40% of the friends in your lists may be those you never even meet. And the number of fake profiles activated by criminals has been identified up to 1 for every 82 profiles. Since the magnitude of choice is huge, social networking sites are providing their best to control fake profiles and prevent criminals from operating their services.

Without question, online dating has expanded the social circles of millions, making it possible to find people with common interests with minimal effort. Though most online daters have good intentions, some may not. Online romance may not always be the right choice as the background and identity of the person remains hidden and can be faked. Individuals have formed relationships with others through the internet only to find out later that their partner was lying about being single, hiding a criminal past or sex offender conviction or using the relationship to get money.

Many people mistakenly think scam or fraud cannot happen to them. Investigators caution that romance scammers and criminals operating via the Internet are professional criminals, and anyone can be a victim. And meeting a person one knows over the Internet for the first time is a challenge one has to face because one must verify that the contact is a credible and he/she is who they say they are. An online dating background check can reveal important things like whether someone is married, has a criminal record, a sex offender conviction or declared bankruptcy.

Start a background check now and get special discount for this Valentine’s Day!

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